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The company HEMP PRODUCTION CZ sown,harvested and manufactured the hemp products as a cosmetisc,food,painting,varnishes etc.
Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) has been for centuries recognized as a widely grown crop. At present,hemp is a valued source of raw materials for industry and trade (fiber), food and medicine (seeds and flowers). Characterized hemp seeds are a unique nutritional value, given the high content of essential omega fatty acids (linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic, gamma-linolenic acid), edestin, and other easily absorbable protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.All this in an optimal ratio for human consumption.Hemp seed also contains a very small proportion of saturated fats and it does not contain gluten.;Hardly can any food crop of the world to measure the nutritional value of hemp.

Hemp foods are intended for all social and age groups. They contain ingredients necessary for the healthy development of children and adults.

Thanks to the fine and nutty taste they do not only represent a significant step towards healthy eating but also tasty revival of our kitchen.

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